Free DIY Installation

Installation and Setup instructions

The Simply IDX Theme is a product that we, Realty Candy, offer for free to our IDX clients, that is, the clients who have an IDX Broker account and make us partners.

We set the theme up for $199 (we set the site up, the theme with the Beaver Builder PRO and add all the demos and widgets, and the IDX Broker, and connect the IDX) on our server with one month of hosting at Flywheel included in that. You can cancel the hosting on day one, and you will still have a month to move the site to your own server.


To install your Simply IDX 3.0 by yourself for FREE, just follow the steps below.

1. Download and Add the themes

Go to IDXAddons website and click on the Themes option. Download both the Simply IDX Child Theme and the Simply IDX Parent Theme.

Go to your WordPress website then click on the side Appearance option, then click on the Add New and Upload Theme button. On the file upload field, upload the you just downloaded and click Install Now. After the success message, click on the Go to Themes page link. Follow the same steps and upload the next, and after the success message, click on the Activate link.

2. Setup the Theme

When you activate the theme, there will be a message saying you need to install additional plugins, you need to click on Begin activating plugin. Then you click on Install and then Activate on all the plugins in the list.


3. Import and use the Demos

Under the Appearance menu, click on the Import Demo Data option and select the demo you want and click on Import Demo. With the DIY Theme Installation, you have only 3 demos available: Miami, IDX Zen, and SmartHome:

Miami thumb
IDX-Zen thumb
SmartHome thumb

On the next page, all you need to do is click on Continue & Import and then Theme Settings. Now you need to set the imported demo as the Homepage. When you clicked on the Theme Settings, it opened the Customizer, so now you need to go to Settings, Homepage Settings and on the Your homepage displays option click on A static page and set the demo you imported as the homepage page.


4. Setup the Header and Footer

With the paid setup you have access to all header and footer options:


With the DIY theme installation, you have only the theme default header and footer. To set them up, go to the Customizer > Header, there you can:

  • Go to Header Layout and select the Layout you want.
  • Go to Header Style and choose the Header colors.
  • Go to Header Logo and add and style your text logo or add an image logo.
  • etc

The footer can also be styled in the Customizer by going to Customizer > Footer, there you can:

  • Go to Footer Layout and select how many columns your footer will have.
  • Go to Footer Style and change the colors of the Footer.
  • etc

You can have up to 4 columns in the footer, to add widgets on them, you need to go to Customizer > Widgets and just add the widgets you desire, and the columns will be added and resized automatically.